Do I get preview before purchase?

We only create the design after the order has been placed. We cannot send a design before payment, as it is a manual process which takes a lot of time. Before we print the result we will send you a picture of what it will look like. On this photo you have the possibility to give us extra instructions or accept the result. If you would like to see an adjustment, this will of course lead to an extended delivery time. But you don't have to worry. Our designers are extremely talented and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Is my picture good enough?

If you have followed our guidelines for a good photo, the photo will probably be good enough. In addition, your photo will be checked by professional photographers. If the photo does not pass the quality control you will receive an email from us!

What materials are the products made of?

The designs will be printed on canvas with a wooden frame. Canvas: The indoor Canvas fabrics are printed on high quality matt polycotton canvas. The mix of cotton (65%) and polyester (35%) gives the Canvas cloth a characteristic natural look. The odourless HP Latex ink is environmentally friendly and makes the colours stand out!

When will it be delivered?

Please take into account the shipping times as stated on the product page. This normally takes at maximum 10 working days. Sometimes we also offer an accelerated delivery, but this is only possible outside the busy periods. Shipping costs: FREE!

Will all items ship together?

Unfortunately, sometimes our courier will not ship multiple items together. Please be patient and contact us again if you haven't received your second canvas within 3 business days. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Do you only make designs with children?

We can incorporate everything into anything. A photo of your baby, pet or grandpa? Anything is possible. Our designers are good at what they do.

Can I get more than one person in the picture?

Yes, you can also send in several photos with different people on them. We will then turn it into one!

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